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While working at the Rod Dyer Group in Los Angeles, I created many campaigns for film and televison projects. This is one example of a campagin that I created for the film Kingfish: A Story of Huey P. Long about the bombastic populist american politician.

The client was Turner Network Television. The film starred John Goodman, who was also the executive producer. Kingfish was among the first major production untaken by TNT. The concept of large budget feature lenth televison contnet was un-tested at the time. They were looking for more than just a campaign for Kingfish, the clients at TNT wanted visuals that would define the standards for how this new type of contnet would be marketed in the future.

Services Provided
  • Logotype design
  • Advertising
  • Identity system
  • Photo/illustration art direction
  • Print promotion

Since Kingfish was a national release, the audience was massive. Every major market in the United States was targeted. The advertising including on-air, radio, out-door, print and internet outlets.

The repose from the client was extremely positive. The campaign I created met all of the client's exactions, and was used as a visual model for future project releases.

The clients found the visuals esay to work with when they translated the system to Onair and other print and promotional pieces that thier in-house departemnts created. The invitation is an example of a piece that was created interally by them using the visuals that I created. Since it’s release Kingfish has been view hundreds of million times. It received critical acclaim, and was nominated for two Emmy Awards.

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