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Odyssey House, Inc. (New York, NY)

In the fall of 2010, I was contacted by Odyssey House, a nonprofit organization that offers recovery and mental health services to individuals in New York City. My first task was to help them implement a new visual identity system. Priority one was a newsletter, and a re-skin of their website. A few months later, I was asked to create their annual report, which led to many other projects. I continue to work with them on an on-going basis. Some of the projects includ; a coffee table book showcasing their Art Program, brochures, posters, and many other marketing and event materials.

The Odyssey House annual report severs as an end-of-year summery of the the organization’s accomplishments. The report is a combination of financial statistics, and client success stories. The services that Odyssey House provide are specialized, and tailored to the individuals they serve. Focusing photos of actual clients felt like the best way to speak about achieving client’s recovery goals.

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Services Provided
  • Site visits
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Creative brief
  • Art Direction
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Brand guidelines

Individuals with substance disorders, state agencies, donors, philanthropic organizations, and Mental Health Professionals.

Every aspect of the organization's communications have been improved through design. The visual cohesiveness that we have been able to achieve has raised the profile of Odyssey House, increased enrollment, and created more pathways for achieving their mission.

Odyssey House has seen a record expansion in charitable donations, and grant funding over the past 4 years. They have opened 5 new facilities since 2013, and have greatly expanded the services offered to both residental and outpatiant clients.

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